Vintage Fire Surround

The Brookfield shown with the oyster split slate back panel and matching hearth and gas fire..

Our choice of wood finishes is exceptional, allowing you to match your current home style or to create a whole new look. There are over 30 wood finishes to choose from - whether you like the more traditional hues of the Mahogany range, or prefer the contemporary tones of Maple and Beech.

These finishes are crafted to compliment a wide range of home decor options, and you can visit one of our many stockists to see and feel the full range of standard wood finishes for yourself. Alternatively, if you want something unique to you, just send us an item in your favourite colour and we will get our paint laboratory to match it for you. As long as we can scan it, we can match it and your new fireplace will be sprayed the perfect colour for you and your home.

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.